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General Terms and Conditions ACSI Awards 2023

Description of voting contest

The ACSI Awards 2023 is an annual online public voting contest for the most popular campsite. Campsite guests vote for their favourite campsite in eight categories. The awards are presented in several countries.

The awards are presented in categories so that all campsites have a chance of winning. This year there are eight categories. The voter may select one campsite for each category.

  • Nicest campsite for children
  • Most dog-friendly campsite
  • Best campsite swimming pool
  • Best location for a campsite
  • Most sports-loving campsite
  • Best campsite restaurant
  • Best motorhome pitches
  • Campsite with the best toilet facilities

There is also a general award per country.


These conditions apply to the ACSI Awards 2023. The vote is organised by ACSI Holding (hereinafter referred to as: the organisation). All participants, nominees and voters agree to these Terms and Conditions.

Art 1 Definitions

  1. General terms and conditions: these terms and conditions.
    1. Voter: the natural person who casts a vote.
    2. Nominees: all campsites affiliated to ACSI Eurocampings, CampingCard ACSI and ACSI Great Little Campsites
  2. Website: https://www.eurocampings.eu/awards

Art 2 General

  1. Participation in the voting contest is free for both nominees and voters.
  2. The winners will be announced on www.eurocampings.eu/awards, www.acsi.eu and in the media. Winners will also receive an email with the results.

Art 3 Applicability of the general terms and conditions

The general terms and conditions apply to participation in the voting contest as a contestant, to the casting of a vote and any use of the website.

Art 4 Voting procedure

  1. Participation in this voting contest as a voter is open to anyone over the age of 18 who has visited the campsite on which the vote is cast.
  2. Voters must provide true, current and complete information about their identity. It is not permitted to participate under another name.
  3. The voter guarantees that the information provided by him/her during the voting process is correct, up-to-date and complete.
  4. During the voting period (15/09/2022 until 15/01/2023) a voter can vote for a maximum of 1 campsite per category.
  5. A vote is only complete when the assessment is filled in as well.
  6. Employees of ACSI and ACSI inspectors are excluded from taking part in the voting contest.
  7. Only uniquely cast and uniquely confirmed votes via durable, personal email addresses will count.
  8. The organisation has the right, in case of suspicion of fraud or abuse, caused by a nominated campsite, to disqualify this nominated campsite without giving reasons, to block the participation of a nominated campsite, to subject votes to an additional confirmation requirement and/or to exclude votes.
  9. The organisation and its partners are obliged, also in the case of previously given permission, to offer participants or nominees at all times the possibility to withdraw and/or unsubscribe.

Art 5 Granting of awards

  1. Award winners will be selected and appointed based on the number of votes combined with the assessments.
  2. The awards to be won are specific to the winning campsite, non-transferable and non-exchangeable. No correspondence can be entered into about the results.
  3. The title won may be used by the Award Winner indefinitely.

Art 6 Privacy and promotion

  1. The organisation respects the privacy of the persons participating in the voting contest. The organisation will ensure that all personal information provided to it will be treated in accordance with the Dutch Data Protection Act (Wet Bescherming Persoonsgegevens) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
  2. All winners grant permission to the organisation to use their names, as well as possible video and photos related to the award ceremony for promotional purposes related to the awards.
  3. By taking part in this voting contest the winners undertake to cooperate with publicity for the ACSI Awards and to refrain from imposing any further conditions on this cooperation.
  4. Award winners are expected - within reasonable limits - to cooperate in publicity activities, to be present at events or to carry out other promotional activities in connection to their award.

Art 7 The website

The website may not in any way be (technically) addressed, used or read out in order to automatically vote, copy data to other storage media, send spam, or for any other purpose, without the express written permission of the organisation.

The use of the website is at the user's own expense and risk. The information provided is of a general nature and subject to change. Consequently, the organisation cannot guarantee the completeness and correctness of the information offered.

Art 8 Characteristics of the Internet

At any time, malfunctions, delays or other irregularities may occur in relation to the provision of information via the Internet in general and via the website in particular, including but not limited to the transmission of viruses. The organisation disclaims any responsibility and/or liability for direct, immaterial or indirect damage including consequential damage and loss of earnings resulting from calamities caused by the use of the internet as a medium for the transmission of information.

Users of the website have been informed that sending information by email or a form entails security risks. The organisation never accepts responsibility and/or liability for any damage in any form whatsoever, which is the result of third parties intercepting, using, abusing or changing information sent by the organisation and/or users by e-mail.

Art 9 Information from third parties and hyperlinks

References to websites, information from third parties or hyperlinks are intended to inform the user of the website. Despite extreme care in selecting information from third parties and websites referred to, the organisation can never offer guarantees regarding this information or hyperlinks. The organisation disclaims any responsibility and/or liability for direct or indirect damage suffered by the user as a result of (the use of) information from third parties or hyperlinks.

Art 10 Maintenance of and changes to the website

The organisation reserves the right to put the website or parts of the website temporarily out of use for maintenance, adjustment or improvement of the website. The organisation will never be obliged to pay any damages to voters or nominees as a result of such website suspensions.

Art 11 Privacy

The organisation acts in accordance with the privacy statement on https://www.eurocampings.co.uk/extra-information/privacy/

Art 12 Reports

The organisation is entitled to offer nominees insight into the votes cast by voters. These reports only contain aggregated information that cannot be traced back to individual persons.

Art 13 Liability

The organisation and its partners cannot be held liable for any damage resulting from this voting contest. Any responsibility and/or liability for direct, immaterial or indirect damage including consequential damage and loss of earnings as a result of providing access to or using the website and/or casting a vote is expressly rejected by the organisation. Under no circumstances can the organisation be held responsible and/or liable for inaccuracy, incompleteness or invalidity of the information on the website.

Art 14 Intellectual

The voting contest, the appearance, the composition and the technology of the website are subject to intellectual property rights that belong to the organisation and/or one of the affiliated partners. All offered information, including texts, graphics, logos as well as images and sound, is protected by copyright. Users are not allowed to use the website in violation of the copyright law under any circumstances or conditions. Only with the express written permission of the organisation, or a third party entitled thereto, may information from the website be reproduced, processed, exploited or otherwise made available to third parties by users of the website.

Art 15 Amendments to the General Terms and Conditions

The organisation is at all times authorised to amend the conditions as required and without prior notice. Any changes will be announced on the website.

Art 16 Final provisions

These general terms and conditions are governed by Dutch law. In cases not provided for in the general terms and conditions, the voting contest organisation will decide. Unless otherwise prescribed by mandatory law, all disputes arising from the use of the website will be submitted to the competent Dutch court in The Hague.

Art 17 Contact

Should you have any questions or remarks about these terms and conditions after reading them, or should you have any further questions about the voting contest, the website and/or voting procedure, please contact the organisation via https://www.eurocampings.nl/klantenservice-en-contact/

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